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Philbrook is committed to supporting educators across Tulsa, Oklahoma, and beyond. Through art and gardens, we hope to make a more creative and connected community and create space for new ideas, diverse perspectives, and social connection.

Teacher Memberships

Philbrook offers FREE annual Memberships to all state-certified Oklahoma Public School Teachers (Pre-K through Grade 12). Join online today!

Who Qualifies?

Applicants must be Oklahoma State certified and work at one of the following:

  • Oklahoma Public School (Pre-K – Grade 12)
  • Charter Schools sponsored by an Oklahoma School District
  • CAP Tulsa Teachers
  • TPS City Year (only nametag required)

All applicants must be in an active teaching role. Administrative, leadership, and support staff do not qualify at this time.

How do I sign up?

  • Qualifying Educators should sign up via the Teacher Membership form online and upload a copy of their teaching certificate or pay stub.
  • Educators should also provide their school district, school name, school email, and grade(s)/subject(s) taught.

The Teacher Membership Program is made possible through the generosity of the Anne & Henry Zarrow Foundation.

Teacher Membership FAQs


Can I add my spouse and children to my Membership?


If your significant other is an Educator, they may bring their ID to sign up for a Membership anytime. If they are not an Educator, you may add your spouse or significant other to your Philbrook Membership starting at only $35. For information about our different membership levels contact us at 918-748-5320.


Why don’t Private School teachers, Staff/Administrators, or retired teachers qualify?


We are currently only able to extend this offer to Oklahoma public school teachers, pre-K through grade 12. We hope to one day receive funding that allows us to expand our offer to a broader audience of Educators.


Who qualifies?

  • Oklahoma Public School Teachers  (pre-K – grade 12)
  • CAP Tulsa teachers
  • Charter School teachers affiliated with a Public School  (Google to confirm)
  • TPS City Year employees (will provide nametag to sign up – no pay stub or ID required)

How do I sign up?

  • Qualifying educators should present a school-issued ID or pay stub at the front desk.
  • Educators should also provide their school district, school name, and grade(s) taught.