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Bus Reimbursement

This form must be returned within 30 days of your field trip with an invoice from your school district’s transportation department. The invoice should include: (1) Total mileage incurred (2) tolls, include copy of receipts.

The above school participating in the Philbrook Museum of Art school tour program acknowledges, understands, and confirms by signing and submitting this Transportation Reimbursement form that:

Philbrook had no involvement whatsoever in any transportation and related arrangements to transport the school’s students and others to and from Philbrook.

Transportation and related arrangements are the sole responsibility of the school.

Philbrook assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any loss, cost, injury or damage to persons and property, which may arise and result from such transportation and related arrangements.

PLEASE NOTE: Reimbursement will not be made without the receipt of this Reimbursement Form.

If you wish to instead print out a hard copy of this form and mail to Philbrook, please complete this form, address and instructions contained within.

Fill out my online form.