Garden Cats

Meet our Garden Cats

We have three feline friends living and “working” in the Philbrook Gardens. They help with pest control and the guests love them. Our cats live a lavish life with heat in the winter and A/C in the summer. Keep an eye out and your camera ready on your next visit. They’re quite used to the paw-parazzi at this point.


By far the most outgoing and active of the Philbrook felines, Acer never misses an opportunity to photobomb a senior portrait session or crash a wedding. Even though he has nine lives, Acer prefers to have a YOLO mentality. Favorite pastime: sneaking into employee cars and refusing to get out.


Much more than just Acer’s sister, Perilla is the one who’s really in charge. Happy to sit around most of the day and let others do the work, she’s not only treated like royalty, she acts like it too. Favorite historical figure: Cleopatra.


The youngest of the trio, and by far the most solitary, Cleome was dropped here as a kitten. We’ve raised her like our own ever since. Don’t be fooled by that sweet little face, she’s a hunter at heart. All of our cats provide a certain level of pest control. Cleome seems to think it’s a competition. Favorite movie: The Terminator.