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Singalong Saturdays: Play Along! Gratitude is an Attitude

This is a virtual version of a Philbrook program. A ticket for admission at the Museum costs $12/adult and always free for kids. While we’re all practicing social distancing, please consider donating to Philbrook as we continue our mission to create a more creative and connected community.

Song: Gratitude is an Attitude

Step One: Watch the song (above), and sing along!

Try this Next!

Join Miss Jenny and read The Last Stop on Market Street:

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Oh no! A case of ‘mine-itis’ is sweeping through Sesame Street! Watch what happens when no one on Sesame Street shares with their friends!*

Does gratitude make us happier? Watch this short film of the science behind the power of our words to create happiness and gratitude in ourselves and others.

  • (Note to grownups: This is a great short video, but pre-screen for your kids. Between 5:17-5:26 there are two curse words, one is bleeped.)

For Grownups and Older Kids:

Discover The Science of Gratitude through this award-winning radio documentary presented by University of California-Berkeley’s “Greater Good Science Center” and Public Radio International:

*Streaming on Amazon Prime

Talk About It:

These questions can guide a conversation, an artmaking activity, or serve as a call to action in your neighborhood!

  1. Flip the conversation on its head. Turn positivity into a game the whole family can play. Whenever someone is struggling to feel positive, listen to their feelings then ask for three positives!
    • Miss Jenny’s personal examples:
      • I get to spend a lot of time with my dog Ruby,
      • I get to spend my work breaks outside playing in my backyard on pretty days,
      • I can see my friends and family in the evening on my phone!
  2. Share the love. What are some things you can do at home to spark a wave of gratitude with:
    • Your family?
    • Your friends?
    • Your neighborhood or community?

Creative Challenges: Flex Your Gratitude Muscles!

1. Make your own Toy or Invention with things you find in your home!

Sometimes playing with the same toys at home can get boring. But instead of wishing for new toys or things to do, we can be creative!

For this creative challenge, go on a hunt through your home to find unusual found objects. I like looking for interesting items in the recycling bin. Sometimes I can use toys I already have to build parts for new toys! Legos and other building toys are great for this!

Use glue, tape, and any art supplies you have at home to combine the found objects into a new toy or invention.

  • I found: a plastic bottle, a stick, some felt and colored paper, aluminum foil, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners.
  • I attached with: hot glue and tape

Give it a name. What does it do?

  • My toy’s name is: Linda Loudmouth
  • I made a puppet with a mouth that can open and close. I’ll give her a voice for making my own movies and puppet shows.

Share it with your family, or online.

2. Make a family Gratitude Jar

Sometimes a visual reminder can help us be positive during tough times. For this creative challenge you will need:

  1. A jar- I had spaghetti last week, so I’m using a pasta sauce jar.
  2. Decoration art supplies. This can be:
    1. Paint, paint pens, stickers, glued down paper, colorful masking tape, sticky gems or foam, or whatever you have at home.
  3. Slips of paper- if you have colored paper, you could assign each family member a color!
  4. Something to write with.

Make your jar beautiful. The prettier it is, the more eye-catching it is, and the more you will want to use it! Fill your jar with things that make you happy, things you are thankful for, ideas to spread kindness, and more.

3. Pass it on: Share your thanks with your community

Can you repeat the challenge they did in the short YouTube video?

Part One: If you were to write a letter to the person you love the most, or has inspired you the most, what would it say?

Part Two: Send a letter or a drawing to someone you appreciate that is not someone you live with.

Who might need some words of encouragement right now?

It could be someone working in a hospital, your postal worker, your trash collector, your teacher, or someone else!

Download Activity Guide