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Singalong Saturdays: Play Along! Get Your Shoes On

This is a virtual version of a Philbrook program. A ticket for admission at the Museum costs $12/adult and always free for kids. While we’re all practicing social distancing, please consider donating to Philbrook as we continue our mission to create a more creative and connected community.

There are so many things to learn in Hot Toast Music Co.’s songs each week. Let’s learn together and make discoveries! Each week’s Singalong Saturdays will include ways to connect ideas in the songs to fun at-home activities you can do together as a family. Simple activities are multidisciplinary and appropriate for a wide variety of learners. They include storytime, artmaking, science explorations, film suggestions, discussion prompts, and more!

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Song: Get Your Shoes On!

Step One: Watch the song, and sing along! (

Try this Next!

Join Miss Jenny and read Those Shoes (

Discover how some of our favorite shoes are made, today and years ago. 

How Vans Makes Its Iconic Sneakers (

How People Make Sneakers from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood (

On this episode of Sesame Street, Neil Patrick Harris joins muppet-friend Telly as she gets a brand-new pair of shoes!

Get Moving!

1. Map your Community

Lace up your shoes and map your neighborhood. Community mapping is a fun way to build spatial skills and create meaning in your neighborhood. Through this activity, you will discover what is special about your neighborhood, beyond the street names and roads that are on any other map. Everyone’s community map is unique, because each person sees the world in a different way.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Grab drawing tools, a pencil, and a notebook. Lace up your shoes and head out the door.
  2. Pretend you’re seeing your neighborhood for the first time in a long time. Use your best close looking eyes and begin to map out your walk as you go.
  3. As you walk, notice small details that spark a memory, spark interest, or that you find beautiful. It could be a curb where you fell off your bike, a bird’s nest that you investigate, or a front door that is painted the prettiest shade of blue. Record them on your map with a sketch or a description.
  4. Use your stopping points to have a conversation about what you’re seeing. Do you see litter? Are there things you see that you can do together to make your neighborhood better?
  5. When you get home, how does your map tell a story? How is your map different than a map on your phone? What stories does it leave out?

2. Dance it Out

Turn up the music and dance it out with these fun songs featuring shoes!

Check out this playlist to get you started:

Or check out this online curated playlist:

Meet the Collector

One of our Philbrook curators had a conversation with the collector of all the shoes behind Mr. Symon in this week’s episode. Venita “Coop” Cooper owns Silhouette Sneakers in Tulsa’s Greenwood District. She has turned her passion for sneakers into a business that specializes in sneaker culture right here in Tulsa!

Learn more about Coop and her awesome collection!

Creative Challenges: Turn Your Kicks into Art

1. Upgrade Your Sneakers

Have a pair of old sneakers in the back of your closet? There are so many ways to make them reflect your personality with supplies that you probably have at home. Turn them into wearable art with these easy DIY techniques.

  1. Fabric paint and craft foam create an awesome stamped texture in this DIY:
  2. Permanent markers turn your plain white sneakers into an out-of-this-world galaxy print in this DIY:
  3. Try your hand at marbling with this unique swirled shoe design:
  4. Embroider geometric designs all over a pair of canvas shoe to create fun textured patterns:
  5. Use watercolor paint to create swirly, dreamy designs:
  6. Or just cover them in buttons!

2. Those Shoes Belong in a Museum!

Turn your home into a museum for a few hours. All our works of art and objects in our museum tell a story. Objects in our homes tell stories too, beginning with the shoes on your feet. Get inspired by Coop’s collection, and create an exhibit of shoes in your home that celebrates all the amazing things your shoes can do!

3. Don’t Forget the Box!

Did you know that every pair of shoes comes with the most magical art supply? The magic of a box is powerful. With your imagination a box can transform into so many things. What will you create?

From toys, to dioramas/play scenes, to instruments, to doll houses, the shoebox can become so many things. Check out this awesome collection of ideas to get you started:

Download Activity Guide