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#OKARTMART Submissions and Details

Emergency response artist marketplace presented by Philbrook Museum of Art and Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition

For questions:
Call Type: Artwork for sale
Eligibility: Artists living or working in Oklahoma
Entry Timeline:  April 24 – May 29
Requirements: Free entry through online form; images required

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Call for Entries: Artists are the heart of our growing cultural community and core to the Philbrook mission. We are working to provide additional platforms to support local artists and creatives. In partnership with OVAC (Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition), Philbrook announces an emergency response online marketplace to support the sale of works by local artists. 100% of sale proceeds will go directly to artists (buyer handles shipping). 

Eligibility:  This call is open only to artists living or working in the state of Oklahoma.  Only one artwork may be posted for sale per artist.  Works will be posted to the marketplace on a rolling basis in batches of 20.  Priority will be offered to those artists who have participated in Philbrook programs within the last 2 years, as well as current OVAC members. 
This call is open to all mediums, sizes, and content. It is the responsibility of the artist to ensure that the work is available for sale.  As Philbrook will not provide staffing to monitor sales, we encourage artists to keep in mind the interests and concerns of buyers as you select a work to post for sale.

Timing of Posts to Marketplace:  Philbrook and OVAC will work to create a steady pace of artworks made available to the marketplace.  At this time, the intention is to post 20 works to the marketplace every two weeks continuing through at least June 30, 2020.  No curated process is in place for selection; the aim is to support as many artists in our state as possible.  Philbrook and OVAC retain full discretion to increase or decrease the rate at which artworks are posted, and to create a “click through to image” option for potentially explicit content.
The first collection of 20 artworks will be made available for sale through Philbrook Museum’s online shop platform on April 24, 2020. 

Notification:  Artists will receive an automatic notification by email upon submission of the completed form. Unless otherwise notified, all works submitted will be posted to the marketplace. Timing of posting is dependent upon the number of submissions received.  Priority posting will be offered to those artists who have participated in Philbrook programs within the last 2 years, and current OVAC members. Please no inquiries.

Sales: 100% of the proceeds will be returned to artists net proceeds (less a 3.8% credit card processing fee through Shopify).  Payment will be in the form of a check. Due to work-from-home status for Philbrook staff, please allow up to three weeks for a check to be processed and mailed after a sale is made; every attempt will be made to process checks as quickly as possible.  Buyers are responsible for payment and coordination of shipping/delivery directly with artists.

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