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Lydia Cheshewalla

Lydia Cheshewalla is an Osage artist living and working in Tulsa. She graduated from OU with a BFA in painting and ceramics, and has since expanded her artistic exploration into social practices. Her work focuses on blending traditional methodology and rituals with modern material and process, keeping in mind sustainability and accountability. She draws inspiration heavily from her Indigenous background, referencing both earth and the unknown through repeated symbol and motif. Her work is created fluidly and intuitively, flowing from an emotional center as an expression of her understanding and connection to the environment around her, and draws attention to the simple beauty of the natural world.

Lydia has recently started Holy Mother Art Collective alongside fellow artist Cyterica Kahl. Holy Mother was created with the purpose of creating a space for collaboration, cultivating inclusivity, generating communication, and manifesting opportunity. Through art, Holy Mother is actively working to build community and empower individuals to create spaces that serve their specific needs while growing and maintaining a network of shared resources.

Available Classes:

Grow Up! Grow Your Own Art, Oct 18th

Spend the day in the studios and gardens, and explore the fusion of art, nature, and sustainability in this exciting workshop! (Ages 9-12)

Teaching Artist: Lydia Cheshewalla

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