Dalí’s Alice in Wonderland

Jun 11, 2021 - Oct 17, 2021

Journey down a rabbit hole of delight, imagination, and paradox with Salvador Dalí and Lewis Carroll.

In 1969, surrealist artist Salvador Dalí illustrated Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the beloved 1865 children’s tale by Lewis Carroll. Dalí created a striking realm of color and dreamlike imagery that perfectly aligns with Carroll’s world of fantastic characters and enigmatic situations.

In Dalí’s hands, Alice skips through landscapes both mysterious and evocative while the White Rabbit, Mock Turtle, and Queen of Hearts look on. Through an illustration for each of the twelve chapters of the book, a frontispiece, and a bronze sculpture of Alice, Dalí embraces the irrationality of the story and includes recurrent motifs from his work, including a melting clock, butterflies, and a girl skipping rope.