Board of Trustees

Philbrook strives to be an essential and exceptional participant in the cultural, educational, and economic life of a growing and diverse constituency. Defined by a unique combination of tradition and innovation, our collections, historic structures, programs, and exhibitions are dedicated to inspiring the broadest possible public engagement, access, and service.


Howard Barnett


Larry Lee


Scott Stulen

Vice Presidents

Gentner Drummond
John Hewitt
Scott Vaughn


Cathey Barkley


Don Wellendorf

Standing Committee Chairs

Melinda Stinnett, Audit
Stephen Heyman, Collections
Carlin Conner, Compensation
Diana Benien & Susan Thomas, Development
J.W. Craft, Education
Will Ihloff, Facilities
Don Wellendorf, Finance
Robert Peterson, Gardens
Jana Shoulders, Investments
Laura Colgan, Nominating

Other Trustees

William H. Allen, Jr.
Jonathan Anthony
Alan Armstrong
Trey Biggs
Irene Burnstein
Doug Campbell
Joseph Cappy
Theresa Collins
Erin Donovan
Shiela Haynes
Susie Hentschel
Barbara Heyman
Gregory Holt
Jeannine Irwin
Marci Johnson
Anne Jones
Bonnie Klein
Stacy Kymes
Robert LaFortune
Ben Latham
Philip C. Lauinger, Jr.
William E. Lobeck
Robert Lorton
Roxana Lorton
Carlisle Mabrey
Steve Mitchell
David Page
Susan Peterson
Julie Phillips Puckett
Gayle Robinson
Whittney Stauffer
Ryan Tanner
Suzanne Warren
Gerri Webb
Steve Wright
Megan Zetik


Robert Langholz
Edward Lawson
Jay Lawson
Charles Stephenson
Jeanne Thomas
W.H. Thompson
Patricia Wheeler
Mollie Williford

*As of January 2018