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Board of Trustees

Philbrook strives to be an essential and exceptional participant in the cultural, educational, and economic life of a growing and diverse constituency. Defined by a unique combination of tradition and innovation, our collections, historic structures, programs, and exhibitions are dedicated to inspiring the broadest possible public engagement, access, and service.

Executive Committee


Marcia MacLeod


J.W. Craft


Scott Stulen


Barbara Heyman

Standing Committee Chairs

Frauke Petersen, Audit
J.W. Craft, Facilities and Gardens
Stephen Heyman, Collections
Scott Vaughn, Finance
Kim Johnson, Nominating

Executive Committee Members

Howard Barnett
Gentner Drummond
Robyn Ewing
John Hewitt
Larry Lee
Shannon O’Doherty
Susan Thomas
William Thomas


William Allen
Jonathan Anthony
Shelly Armstrong
Catherine Barkley
Shelby Beil
Tom Biolchini
Sarah Buchan
Patricia Chernicky
Laura Colgan
Samuel Combs
Casey Cooper
Erin Donovan
Gayle Eby
Moises Echeverria
Patrick Gordon
Herbert Gottfried
Jesse Guardiola
Lane Hartshorn
Gregory Holt
Jeannine Irwin
Marci Johnson
Bonnie Klein
Matthew Klimisch
Quraysh Ali Lansana
Robert Lorton
Carlisle Mabrey
Tony Moore
Christopher Murphy
Bob Peterson
Julie Phillips Puckett
Kuma Roberts
Larry Rooney
Geoffrey Standing Bear
Whittney Stauffer
Sheri Stinson
Ryan Tanner
Peter Walter
Suzanne Warren
Monica Williford
Jamie Zink

Trustees Emeritus

Harriet Barclay
Florence Barnett
Franklin Bernsen
James Bird
Margery Bird
Sidney Born
Penelope Blair
Loring Bradstreet
Bernard Cantor
Mrs. Cecil W. Cotton
Marylouise Tandy Cowan
Mrs. Sidney H. Davis
Jane Dunkin
Mrs. A.L. Farmer
Mrs. William Fears Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David Fields
Charles Flint Jr.
Wanda Fowler
Edward Gockel
Mary Goodrich
Sidney Gruson
Herb Gussman
Lawrence Gussman
William Hanks Jr.
Walt Helmerich
Eileen Hewgley
Eleanor Hill
Lura Hill
Carol Holleman
Joe Holliman
N.M. Hulings
Jenkin Jones
Anthony Keating
Bonnie Klein
Bessie Kravis
Raymond Kravis
Robert LaFortune
Robert Langholz
Mr. and Mrs. P.C. Lauinger
Phil Lauinger
Edward Lawson Jr.
Jay Lawson
Blanche Maloney
Allene Mayo
John Mayo
Frank McClintock
Nancy Meinig
William Michaels
Rosamond Mulford
Sandra Norman
Elliott Phillips
Genevieve Phillips
Virginia Phillips
Lucy Rooney
Nancy Seay
Vincent Mulford
Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Richards
Mrs. Clarke Robinson
Royce Savage
Martha and John Starr
Charles Corry Stephenson
Martha Sturtevent
Phyllis Taber
Jill Tarbel
Russell Tarr
Jeanne Thomas
W.H. Thompson
Margaret and William Vandever
Bailie Vinson
Pauline Walter
Patricia Wheeler
John Williams
Mollie Williford
Patti Johnson Wilson

*As of March 16, 2022