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The Philbrook Museum of Art is a gift to our community and is meant to last for generations. In order to preserve these fine works of art and the facility itself for future visitors, we kindly ask that you follow these guidelines during your visit:

Museum Etiquette

Museum visits should be fun, enjoyable experiences for everyone. One of the ways to ensure a positive outcome is to use appropriate museum etiquette. Remind your participants:

  • Touch with your eyes. All parts of the body should remain at least two feet away from the works of art. It is acceptable to "touch" with your eyes, but not with your hands (this includes walls, labels, display cases, and pedestals). 
  • Listen to the docent. If you talk while the docent is speaking, other people won't be able to hear. If you have questions or comments, raise your hand and the docent will call on you.
  • Stay in your group. Walk quietly only (no running, please) on the stairs, or through the galleries. Use inside voices in all areas so that other visitors can enjoy the museum.
  • Steer clear of elevators and revolving doors. This allows your docent guide to better manage the group.

Why we ask you not to touch

Unintentional damage may result from gesturing too close to a work of art and the natural oils on human hands can cause serious damage over time. Fingers placed on the surface of a picture can easily damage the paint layer or the canvas; a hand brushed against sculpture may leave a damaging trace of acidic perspiration. Please be careful—artworks, like people, are unique and irreplaceable. 

Due to restrictions accompanying loaned artworks, photography may or may not permitted in the Helmerich Exhibition Gallery, signage will be posted near artworks which may not be photographed. Non-flash, hand-held cameras are permitted in Villa Philbrook and Gardens.

Student Chaperones

Keep participants together at all times. It is the responsibility of the chaperone not only to stay with the group but also to keep the visitors together.

When in small groups, please encourage the participants to ask questions. Please remember to refrain from answering questions that are intended for the students.

A good chaperone needs to remind the participants of museum etiquette and follow them as well.

Checkroom Facilities

Groups are asked to leave coats, backpacks, umbrellas, lunches, and packages in their cars or buses, as checkroom facilities are limited.

Scheduling a Tour

Groups of 10 or more paying adults qualify for a discounted general admission. $7 each at the Main location. $5 each at Philbrook Downtown. This is $2 off regular admission per guest.