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Summer At Philbrook

Spend the summer at the most beautiful place in Oklahoma. See the shows, stroll the gardens, make us your historic home away from home.


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Win A Trip To Casablanca:

Special Membership Opportunity

We are teaming up with Tulsa Global Alliance to give away a seven day trip for two (2) to Morocco. Winners will fly into the coastal city of Casablanca, a bustling metropolis full of history, culture, arts, great food, and more.

The giveaway includes paid coach flight, lodging, and some very special meal/tour opportunities while in Casablanca.

The Details:

  • The trip will occur during the first two weeks of November 2018. Start and end date somewhat flexible.
  • You must be a Philbrook Member to enter. Not a Member? Join at or stop by our front desk.
  • You may enter your name only at our official Wondrous Worlds programs (see list in this booklet). The more you attend, the more you can enter.
  • If you purchase a copy of the official Wondrous Worlds catalog, you may enter your name an extra time.
    Must be age 21+ and have a valid passport to win.
  • Giveaway does not include incidentals (train fees, car rental, meals beyond those included, etc.)
  • Winners will share photos of their trip and write a recap for Philbrook blog and social media.

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The Philbrook Gardens:

A User’s Guide

There are endless ways to experience the 25 beautiful acres of the Philbrook Gardens. Here are some of our favorites. Make your own.

  1. Bust out the brushes. Paint in the Garden.
  2. Roll down the hill.
  3. Be an insect explorer. Catalog your findings.
  4. Read a book in the shade.
  5. Explore the areas around Crow Creek. See what’s new.
  6. Play card games by the rock fireplace.
  7. Find all four bridges. Play Have a leaf race. Drop a leaf into the creek on one side of the bridge and go to the other side. See whose leaf comes out first.
  8. Stand in an open space. Run around Sound of Music-style. Singing optional.
  9. Lay down. Find shapes in the clouds
  10. Search for wildlife.
  11. Be a statue. Take a pic. Share with #philbrook.
  12. Bring a mat. Do yoga.
  13. Be quiet. Listen to the soothing sounds of running water
  14. Find a four-leafed clover. We’ve done it. They’re out there.
  15. Pet a Garden Cat.
  16. Watch a film on the lawn. Look for fireflies at dusk.
  17. See what’s growing in the Secret Garden.
  18. Find the flower inlaid into the stonework path. Look closely.
  19. “Reflect” at the Tempietto. Tulsa’s best spot for “me time” or “we time.”
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