Book Your Own Philbrook MeTime

Have the Museum, Gardens, and Shop to yourself for two hours. Bring up to three guests. Just $75 for Philbrook Members, $100 for Not-yet Members.

Book (Or Gift!) Online

“My husband and I booked MeTime at Philbrook on our wedding anniversary this year. Having the beautiful gardens and the Villa, the very place we said our I Do’s, all to ourselves, made our anniversary so special. We may just make MeTime at Philbrook our new anniversary tradition.”

“We were able to slow down and talk about the beauty of the house and then take in the historical and wonderful art. We had so much fun finding the cabin and vegetable garden in the back corner of the property (we have never taken time to explore all the way back there) and just loved every second!”

“When I saw the opportunity to gift our nanny and her friends with a Philbrook MeTime, it was a no-brainer! These amazing girls moved to a foreign country during a pandemic and had not had the chance to explore all Tulsa has to offer. Philbrook stepped up, and in the most intimate and unique way. Thank you for creating such a meaningful experience.”

“There are many things we can’t do in 2020, but Philbrook created a unique situation for us to be able to safely take in some of my favorite things.”

Instagram post 17910185233637656 Wait until you see what our friends @blackmoontulsa created for FROM THE LIMITATIONS OF NOW. Opens 3.14.21.

Black Moon (founded 2018)

Melody Allen (b. 1992, Tulsa; Lives and works in Tulsa

Aunj Braggs (b. 1990, Hot Springs, Arkansas; Lives and works in Tulsa)

Beth Henley (b. 1983, Tulsa; Lives and works in Tulsa)

Tina Henley (b. 1987, Tulsa; Lives and works in Tulsa)

Erica Martez (b. 1985, Colorado Springs, Colorado; Lives and works in Tulsa)

Gary Mason (nosamyrag) (b. 1985, Tulsa; Lives and works in Tulsa)

Alexander Tamahn (b. 1985, Fort Worth, Texas; Lives and works in Tulsa)

Summer Washington (b. 1994, Tulsa; Lives and works in Tulsa)
Instagram post 18109553599203187 We are bringing back films on the lawn starting with "A Bug's Life" this spring! Check our website calendar for more info on how we are structuring this event in a safe way. ⁠
Advance tickets required:
Instagram post 17916968911596269 Raising a flag in the rotunda. #prep #behindthescenes 

MAR 14, 2021 - SEP 05, 2021 

IMAGE: Adrian Aguilera and Betelhem Makonnen. untitled (a flag for John Lewis or a green screen placeholder for an America that is yet to be), 2020. Printed standard flag fabric, 240 x 144”. Courtesy the artists. @rarospeinadosnuevos @betelhemmakonnen