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MIX Bartender FAQs

Q: How is MIX different this year?
A: MIX 2020 will be hosted primarily outdoors in the iconic Philbrook Gardens.

Q: How many bartenders will compete in Philbrook MIX 2019?
A: Eight (8) bartenders will be chosen to compete.

Q: What are the rules for cocktail creation?
A: Bartenders will randomly draw for the base spirit of their cocktail. Bartenders must create an original cocktail using the base liquor and at least one other ingredient. Infused alcohols are allowed but only count as one ingredient.

Q: What kinds of prizes are awarded?
A: Competing bartenders battle for top honors in two categories: People’s Choice and Critic’s Choice. The winner of each category is awarded $500, and bartenders are eligible to win both prizes ($1,000 total) if selected. The winner for People’s Choice is selected by popular vote. For Critic’s Choice, a panel of critics scores each bartender and cocktail on presentation, taste, complexity, balance, and originality and selects a winner.

Q: Does Philbrook provide a stipend for ingredients?
A: Yes, Philbrook provides each bartender with the base liquor and a $250 stipend for other ingredients. Bartenders receive this money the night of the event as long as they have submitted a W9 for payment processing by the indicated deadline prior to MIX.

Q: Which dates do I need to be available?
A: MIX will take place on October 2, 2020. Due to the outdoor venue, MIX will be rescheduled for October 9, 2020 in the case of inclement weather.

Q: Does the owner of the establishment I am representing need to know that I’m participating in MIX?
A: Yes, the establishment owner and/or manager should be notified and approve your application to participate. Philbrook promotes both the establishment AND the bartender through the press and marketing materials making it important that the manager and/or establishment owner understand you’re participating.

Q: How many drinks should bartenders prepare to serve at MIX?
A: Be prepared to serve 500 two-ounce (2 oz.) samples. Participating bartenders should arrange for three (3) additional cocktails in proper glassware for judging (proper glassware is not provided).

Q: What supplies does Philbrook provide the night of the event?
A: Cups, cocktail napkins, ice, and base liquor. Bartenders may arrange to get the base liquor ahead of time.

MIX 2020 Bartender Application