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Wedding FAQ

At Philbrook Museum of Art, beautiful weddings are what we do. If you have a question that is not addressed in the FAQ, please contact for further details.

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Common Wedding and Reception questions

Common Wedding Questions

Q: How do I reserve my ceremony and/or reception at Philbrook Museum of Art?

A: For ease in planning, and for your ultimate satisfaction, please review the information on our website and request availability for your event date first with the Philbrook Events Department. The Event staff will assist you in the booking process and are available by appointment in-person, phone or email to answer any questions before booking. We are happy to place a hold on one date at no charge while you finalize your big decision.

Q: Is a deposit required to book?

A: Yes. To finalize your booking, a $1000.00 deposit is due for Weddings, along with a signed contract. For all weddings and events, the balance is due 30 days before the event date to avoid event cancellation, though you may make payments at any time before the deadline. We accept all major credit cards, money orders and checks.

Do I have to be a member to have an event at Philbrook? Do I have to have a membership in addition to my wedding price?

A: No. Anyone can host an event. Donors and Members at the $2,000 levels and above receive discounts.

Q: Will there be anyone else in the museum during my wedding?

A: No. Your wedding is booked for your exclusive use on your special day.

Q: What is the Philbrook capacity? How many guests may I have at my wedding?

A: Philbrook has multiple event locations inside and out to accommodate events for 5 to 500. We would be happy to schedule an appointment with you to walk through your options. While we do offer Weddings for 50 or 90 in bundled pricing, we can offer Custom Weddings in a multitude of arrangements and locations on property to meet your event needs.

Q: My ceremony will be very small and only require a short amount of time. Is this allowed?

A: Yes! We love weddings of all sizes. Mini-Ceremonies start at $700.00 and all benefits are included.

Q: If we have planned an outdoor event, what do we do in the case of inclement weather at Philbrook?

A: For all outdoor events we require/provide a full alternate indoor plan. The Philbrook facility offers many options and we will work with you to design the Plan B of your dreams. We will work with you to identify when to make the call to switch plans and do it in plenty of time to ensure a seamless experience.

Q: Can we have our ceremony rehearsal at Philbrook?

A: All our weddings, excluding "Mini-Ceremonies", include a 1-hour rehearsal from 5:00 – 6:00 PM on the day before the wedding subject to availability. Any rehearsals outside this time must be approved by the Events Team.

Q: Does Philbrook have restrictions on décor?

A: No decorations may be affixed to any of Philbrook’s property. This includes chandeliers, light fixtures, walls and trees. Prohibited items include confetti, glitter, bubbles, balloons, rice, birdseed, open flame including but not limited to real candles, sparklers, wish lanterns, fireworks, and similar items. Philbrook staff is not responsible for placing your décor items.

Q: What do you suggest we use as favors for our grand exit?

A: Acceptable items include real flower petals, dried lavender, glow sticks, or a variety of other eco-friendly, biodegradable items. Please feel free to make a suggestion for our consideration.

Q: How much time do we have to set up and tear down the event? What time can my vendors come in?

A: To accommodate for event turnaround time after the museum has closed, we typically allow vendor access 2 to 3 hours prior to the event. Special exceptions or more elaborate event designs are coordinated by the Events team. Philbrook is open to the public Tuesday-Sunday, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM and Thursdays 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM. La Villa Restaurant is open Tuesday-Sunday 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM.

Q: Do I need a wedding planner? Who will be there during my event?

A: Yes. All Weddings require a planner.

Our team is onsite the day of your wedding to set up ceremony chairs, admit vendors on property, and make sure your special day is running on time. La Villa Restaurant provides a lead and catering service team to ensure your reception is set and served. Philbrook does not: customize ceremony cues, readings or programmatic elements, recommend or book vendors, assist with dinner seating charts, decorating, invitations, or other peripheral decisions or activities. If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Q: If I book my wedding at Philbrook, what photography opportunities do I have at Philbrook?

A: All weddings include an additional garden photo session to be scheduled anytime in advance of or after the wedding (photographer of your selection.) Additionally, on the day of the wedding, the wedding party may arrive up to 2 hours prior to the ceremony for pictures and this time is in addition to your 4-hour rental. Depending on your event timeline, you may choose to take additional photos after your ceremony.

Q: Can you accommodate LGBT/cultural/religious events?

A: Yes – Absolutely!

Q: Can I use any vendor I want at my wedding?

A: While we do not require particular vendors, all vendors are required to provide Philbrook with a Certificate of Liability Insurance and schedule all deliveries with our Event Coordinator at the appropriate delivery location. We would be happy to provide a list of vendors on file.

Q: How late can my wedding go?

A: Weddings for 50 or 90 are limited to 4 hours and can select event times of 6:00-10:00, 6:30-10:30, or 7:00-11:00 PM. Custom Weddings may extend their rental to a maximum of 6-hours ending at Midnight. (No exceptions. Fees apply.)

Q: What time can my guests arrive for the ceremony?

A: Guests may arrive 30 minutes before the ceremony start time. These 30 minutes are in addition to the 4-hour event time.

Q: Do you have a room for getting ready?

A: We do have one dressing suite available to your wedding party accommodating no more than 15 people. There are two vanity areas, clothing racks, restroom with shower, and lounge area. There is a door that exits directly from this room to the gardens for easy ceremony access. There is an additional conference room adjacent to La Villa Restaurant may be rented at an additional fee and used as a second lounge, staging or meal area (subject to availability.)

Q: How far in advance may I hold or book my wedding date?

A: We begin booking approximately 18 months in advance to ensure all museum programming has been scheduled.

Catering Questions

La Villa restaurant is located in Philbrook Museum, but is independently operated. The Event Coordinator and Catering Manager will work with you simultaneously to make planning your event as seamless as possible. A catering request with la Villa does not guarantee the requested event date or space at the museum, this must be approved through the museum. For catering options and quotes, please contact the catering manager at (918)748-0111 x2108.

Q: Can I book an event at Philbrook without final decisions on catering?

A: Yes. We highly recommend you get catering quotes for budgeting purposes, but many decisions will be made after booking.

Q: Can I bring in food/drink/alcohol?

A: No outside food or drink is allowed in the museum. Philbrook’s exclusive caterer, La Villa Restaurant provides all food and beverage service. However, cakes and other specialty items are permitted. Speak with your catering contact for specifics and requests.

Q: Can I have a tasting before the event?

A: Yes. Please ask for details and pricing.

Q: We have guests that are vegetarian, gluten free, as well as a severe peanut allergy – can you accommodate?

A: Yes. Please specify and coordinate seating chart in advance with your catering lead to ensure meal accommodations reach the correct guests.

Q: What alcohol service is offered? Can I have a specialty cocktail?

A: Alcohol service is customized for every wedding. (Fees apply.) Please note that no outside alcohol is allowed on property due to licensing requirements. Specialty drinks or wine may be coordinated through your catering lead.

Q: Do you offer vendor meals? My photographer and videographer require dinner.

A: Yes. We can definitely accommodate this in a separate location. Please coordinate with us in advance – fees apply.

Q: Can you refrigerate my wedding cake overnight before the wedding?

A: No. Due to the fragility and significance of the cake: Delivery is take place 1-2 hours before the event and should be delivered and placed directly where it will remain for the duration of the event. Cakes may only be delivered after La Villa Restaurant is closed to the public.

Inquire Now

Please note that although the preceding memberships entitle the member to host a wedding or reception at Philbrook, they do not include additional expenses traditionally incurred including facility fees, catering, equipment rentals, flowers, tents, set up etc.

If you are not a current member, but would be interested in becoming a member in order to host your private event after museum hours, we will be happy to assist you in this process or answer any questions you may have.

Please visit the Booking FAQ Page for answers to common questions regarding event booking or click the link below to book your next event.