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Nir Evron

Projected Claims

Projected Claims will be the first solo museum exhibition in the United States for Nir Evron, an artist garnering international acclaim for his work in film, video, and photography.  Evron’s work explores the intersections of history, culture, politics, identity, religion, and shifting borders in and around his native country of Israel.  

The works in Projected Claims look at the landscape and its development in an area of conflict, while subtly touching on such issues as romanticized views of the Holy Land, the desire for change, and the simultaneous inability to institute it.  The exhibition will include two projected videos: In Virgin Land, a mediation on the Israeli landscape and the claims made to the holy land throughout the centuries, and Oriental Arch, a study of a hotel in East Jerusalem that operates despite the lack of guests and activity.  The exhibition will also mark the debut of Threshold, a new series of doubly exposed black and white photographs, shot in a new Palestinian city under construction in the West Bank.

Curated by Lauren Ross.

  • Philbrook Downtown

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