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Cheech Marin's Chicano Art Collection

Papel Chicano Dos

This exhibition presents the work of 26 artists from the renowned Chicano art collection of Cheech Marin. While the pieces are linked by the common theme “community,” the works illuminate the diversity of the Chicano experience through unique artistic practices and viewpoints.

Throughout the gallery, Philbrook curator Sienna Brown introduces statements from the artists and Mr. Marin that describe how this art connects to their individual communities. Philbrook invites visitors to explore their own communities while reflecting on the art and these artists’ statements.

The drawings, prints, and paintings on paper represent a wide range of emerging and established artists from the 1980s to present day and feature images influenced by pre-Hispanic symbols, post-revolutionary nationalistic Mexican motifs, and contemporary urban culture. Many artists in the exhibition present social issues concerning labor, political liberation, and spirituality in ways that combine the images iconic to Chicano art with those from a wider range of art historical sources. These visuals combine to create a multifaceted view of Chicano communities as well as the issues and triumphs all communities face.

“Chicano art is American Art.” – Cheech Marin

Curated by Sienna Brown.