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Special Message

From Philbrook Director Scott Stulen

We live in a divided nation.

But Philbrook must be a place that unites, gathers, and encourages dialogue. Not a place that is guided by fear but one that sees possibility, opportunity, and joy in our neighbors.

Our role as Philbrook staff is more important than ever before. Philbrook is not defined by what we say, but by what we do.

We will continue to educate every generation from preschool to aging adult. Respect and value our teachers, preserve the environment, champion social justice, and be a safe place for unsafe ideas. Use art to connect, spark dialogue, and find shared values. 

And because action is more than liking a post on Facebook, we are launching a program to offer free memberships to Oklahoma teachers*. This small effort for teachers perfectly aligns with our commitment to lifelong learning, community engagement, and providing access to all. 

Let's move forward together.

Scott Stulen

Director and President

Philbrook Museum of Art

*Philbrook will donate one, one-year Museum membership to each Oklahoma public school teacher, grades Pre-K through 12. To claim this educator benefit, teachers will need to bring their educator photo ID to either Philbrook location to set-up their Membership.

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