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Taddeo di Bartolo’s Madonna and Child (c. 1410) was one of forty paintings given by the Kress Foundation to Philbrook in 1961. Recently the Museum's Taddeo became part of a project supported by the Foundation to investigate the materials and methods involved in the creation of several paintings from the Kress collection.

Since 2009, the art conservation program at the University of Delaware has developed a project to design and create digital and physical reconstructions of selected paintings from the Kress Collection.
In 2013, project manager and professor of conservation Brian Baade and conservator Kristin deGhetaldi began researching and working on a reconstruction of the piece
To prepare for x-radiography, the painting was removed from its frame, which is most likely of modern construction, made sometime during the 19th/early 20th century.
Conservator Kristin deGhetaldi examined the work (seen above) at high magnification using the stereobinocular microscope housed in the Conservation Department at Gilcrease Museum. 
Thanks to the generosity of Philbrook Trustee Dr. Gregory Holt, Fluoroscopy ("live" X-ray scanning) was used as an initial step in the examination of the painting at the Tulsa Orthopaedic Center.  This non-destructive technique helps conservators, scientists, and art historians develop a better understanding of materials that exist below the surface of an artwork.
The reconstructed piece is now on view with the original and exampled of materials used to make the reconstruction. Guests can compare, contrast, and take away a broader understanding of the artist’s original vision. 
For more on the project, CLICK HERE.
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