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Philbrook & Philbrook Downtown

P is for PLAY

Taking on the Philbrook Brand

My name is Addie Brezinski and I am currently working towards a Bachelor of Fine Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design at Rogers State University.

In my Package Design class we were presented with our final project and tasked to design a kids meal package for an interesting and creative place. Philbrook immediately came to mind because of the Second Saturday program I have taken my daughter to for the last several years.

I designed a sack lunch with multiple components, the idea being that the kids could take the sack lunch out to the gardens and enjoy the Philbrook experience. I named it “Second Saturday Sack Lunch”. As a design student I was fully aware of the new Pentagram-designed logo that the Museum recently launched and thought is was unique and playful. The bag came first. The idea was to have the "P" logo feel like alphabet blocks, with bright colors and little cutout windows to peek through.

Once the concept became clear, I moved on to the drink cup and decided on water in lieu of soda or juice. I love the idea of water cartons instead of plastic bottles and kept the bright color theme while creating a pattern of the word “water” as a background. The trail mix side item was to keep the outdoor vibe going the cutouts would allow the kids to see inside the package. The background pattern indicating the contents of the package was simple and direct, allowing the logo to stand out.

I had so much fun designing this project. Beyond having fun, the project reinforced my passion for graphic design.

Happy 75th Anniversary, Philbrook! 

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