July Visiting Artist: Lydia Cheshewalla

Get muddy with ceramic artist Lydia Cheshewalla and experience the tactile nature of clay and its connection to the earth and nature-based art. Play in the mud and play with ideas this month!

Activity will consist of visitors creating pinch pots for the following week’s participants, and painting pinch pots made by previous week’s participants.

About The Artist:
Lydia Cheshewalla is an Osage artist working across many mediums to create work that brings traditional belief systems into contemporary forms. This month, visitors to the studio will have a chance to work with Lydia in her favorite medium, clay. Inspired by a deep time concept known among Natives as 7 Generations, visitors will participate in a make and take activity in which they will be painting and taking clay artwork created by visitors before them and leaving the unpainted clay art they create for future visitors. Using this method, visitors will be able to see that we inherit the result of past generation’s actions while also getting to choose what actions we will take now that will be inherited by future generations.

How do we feel about the things we are inheriting from the past to work with? What sort of things do we want to create and leave for those that come after us? How does the 7 Generations philosophy or concept of Deep Time affect us in our daily lives? How might we use these concepts to change the world?

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July 20 2019