Art Camp Session 2: June 03 – 07

AM Classes, 9am – 12pm
PM Classes, 1pm – 4pm
All Day Classes, 9am – 4pm

Before Care is available from, 8am – 9am
After Care is available from, 4pm – 5:30pm

Ages 5-6

Upside-Down Adventures (AM)

Explore the museum in creative new ways with artist Briana Hefley-Shepard. Play and create in upside down adventures! (June 3 – 7, AM)

Teaching Artist: Briana Hefley-Shepard

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Stop, Collaborate, and Listen (PM)

Share stories, share songs, make art, and create community with artist Hailey Shoemaker. (June 3 – 7, PM)

Teaching Artist: Hailey Shoemaker
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Ages 7-9

Imagine the Future: Save the World! (AM)

Participate in a weeklong live action roleplay with Oklahoma City-based artist Mandy Messina and create out-of-the-box inventions! (June 03 – 07, AM)

Teaching Artist: Mandy Messina

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Fantastical Sculptures (PM)

Think outside the box, get messy, and build big. (June 03 – 07, PM)

Teaching Artist: Russell Roberts

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Ages 9-11

Get Fired Up! (AM)

Get muddy and discover the art of outdoor smoke firing with artist Lydia Cheshewalla in this special 2-WEEK clay workshop. (May 28 – June 07, AM)

Teaching Artist: Lydia Cheshewalla

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Paint, Paste, and Graffiti (PM)

Join street artist Aaron Whisner and create big and bold artwork using the tools of the street! (Jun 03 – 07, PM)

Teaching Artist: Aaron Whisner

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Ages 12-14

Sound and Music in the Stained Glass Cabin

Join Unknown Tone Records artist Mark Kuykendall and explore the art of sound and music in our brand-new cabin! (June 03 – 07, ALL DAY CLASS)

Teaching Artists: Mark Kuykendall

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