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Staff Directory

Office of the Director

Scott Stulen, Executive Director

Mark Brown, Executive Assistant to the Director


Catherine Whitney, Chief Curator, Curator of American Art

Rachel Keith, Director of Collections and Exhibitions

Christina E. Burke, Curator of Native American & Non-Western Art

Sarah Lees, Ruth G. Hardman Curator of European Art

Sienna Brown, Nancy E. Meinig Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art

Jaye McCaghren, Collections Manager

Darcy Marlow, Associate Registrar of Loans/Exhibitions

Thomas Young, Librarian & Archivist

Susan Green, Associate Curator for Special Collections, Archives, and Research

George Brooks, Chief Preparator

Edward Whelan, Assistant Preparator


Diane Shen, Director of Development

Meredith Miers, Grant Writer

Meghan Raleigh, Membership Specialist

Phyllis Sanders, Records Management Specialist

Kayla Costner, Fundraising Events Manager

Jay Jamison, Fundraising Events Specialist

Jessica Upson, Guest Experience Manager

Wesley Dotson, Development Coordinator


Tricia Milford-Hoyt, Director of Communications

Jeff Martin, Online Communities Manager

Amanda Hodges, Graphic Designer

Bhadri Verduzco, Graphic Designer

Cody Palmer, Web Developer

Kamakshi Nittala, Communications Coordinator


Jessimi Jones, Bernsen Director of Education & Public Programs

Roselle Tyner, Museum Educator (Touring & Docent Programs)

Laura Voth, Community Programs Coordinator

Evan Johnson, Education Administrator

Rachel Ann Dennis, Creative Engagement Lead


Sheila Kanotz, Garden Manager

Trevor Gibson, Head Gardener

NaCretia Alexander, Turf Horticulturist

Ralph Bendel, Gardener

Scott Parent, Gardener

Kellyn Register, Section Gardener

Joe Clayton, Section Gardener

Jack Titchener, Section Gardener


Paul Nelson, Chief Operating Officer

Donna Durrin, Director of Finance

Judith Land, Staff Accountant

Whitney Dodson, Human Resources Representative


Charisse Cooper, Facility Manager

Lindsey Neal Kuykendall, Events Manager

Steve Battoe, Downtown Building Coordinator

John Gwin, Building Engineer

Dave Bruce, Maintenance Technician

Bert Lopez, Building Services Attendant


Steve Ramsay, Chief of Security

Museum Shop

Susan Shrewder, Museum Shop Manager & Buyer

Tahlia Ball, Museum Shop Operations Lead